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About Dinkie Creator Etheria Parrot and Dinkie Designer Kamasa Kutanaga

Dinkie avatar was created by Etheria Parrott Etheria came into Second Life in 2009 and very soon felt more comfortable as a creature than as a human. There were only prim Tinies back then but buying a Siamese cat seemed just right. She taught herself to use the external 3D software - “Blender" in order make clothes for Tinies from 3D sculpties and prims. Creating this way became an obsessive hobby. In 2011, Second Life introduced mesh. This allowed residents to make their own avatars. Etheria decided to make a mesh cat in Blender. It worked but was very ugly and the idea was abandoned for a while. Then she was asked to make a Tiny mesh bear character on commission. That was successful but not allowed to be used by anyone else. A friend suggested morphing the head into a cat shape. Thus, Dinkies were born. Dinkies have fur but every customer wanted clothes for them. And so, the Dinkie fashion industry began. Etheria made mesh templates and textured them but she struggled to keep up with requests even though at that time, the Dinkie community was still very small. Around that time, in February 2013, she met Kamasa Kutanaga. Kamasa joined SL in 2004, as Katya Koolhaas. In 2005 she was accepted in SL Instructors group, run by Lindens, and started teaching at TeaZers University how to use Second Life system tools to create the world. Soon she also started teaching Photoshop for fashion designing in SL at TeaZers. There she met Somatika Xiao, who encouraged and helped her to open her own fashion business. Soon her label KaoSome Inc. became pretty successful in SL market. In 2008 Katya teamed up with Somatika to establish SOMA SCHOOL OF DESIGN, where Somatika designed and developed exclusive tech for teaching, and Katya created and taught classes for Photoshop, GIMP, Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Elements, SL Clothing, Theory of fashion design and basics of marketing in SL. Around that time, she made a male alt – Kamasa Kutanaga, originally, for modeling Golden Man outfit, made on commission for the government of Kazakhstan. As Etheria, Katya never felt comfortable in “human skin”, and almost from the beginning she chose to be a tiger, and eventually a cat (using avatars from a Furry store), but soon she became a Tiny white tiger and turned Kamasa into a Tiny cat for teaching clothes making for Tinies from system prims, and texturing them. One day a student came wearing Dinkie avatar, and Kamasa fell in love. She wanted to meet the creator at once. Kamasa introduced herself to Etheria and demonstrated what she'd done with some of the templates. Etheria was impressed! Kamasa's imagination and texturing skills quickly filled the empty looking shop. Soon KaoSome sub-label Alley Kitteh was born.

Their partnership in the Dinkie fashion industry thrives as do many other awesome Dinkie clothing designers who run their own shops too. Dinkies have two chat groups. One for help, advice and information from each other. And another for Dinkies Events which can be hosted and announced by anyone. The modifiability of dinkies; plus, the fashions; plus, the chat groups; plus, the fact they can use human animations; plus, the happy and caring attitudes of their wearers, have all helped to make the community of 13,500 dinkies continue to thrive. Author: Kamasa Kutanaga

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