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Dragon Maze 2020

Dragon Maze at NOON Today!!!

Sat, Nov 14 2020 3:21:50 AM PST

Hi Everyone - By popular demand, Dragon Maze has been moved forward to NOON, today.

There will be lots of carnage, ripped fur and torn feathers but the winners will get

1000 L$ for finding the Chalice Trophy

600 L$ for finding the Sandals Trophy

400 L$ for finding the Shield Trophy

2020 Dragon Maze will be Ancient Greece/Minotaur theme used back in 2017. Togas and stuff aren't compulsory but it would be cool.

Like 2017's maze, participants are required to wear a damage meter during Saturday's events, The meter reacts to traps and puzzles and affects your health score. If your health score reaches zero, you will be teleported back to the start of the level you have currently reached, (eg: if you die somewhere on level 3, you will go back to the start of level 3).

When wearing your meter, it will ask for attach and teleport permissions.

The meter will also detect whether you fly, teleport or detach it, This is to limit the chances of people cheating,

If you teleport or fly during the contest, you will be sent right back to the start of the maze level.

There are also things in the maze that will help you by healing you or giving you clues.

If you haven't done the Dragon Maze yet, now's your chance it will stay up for a few more weeks so go do it now and anyone who completes the Dragon Maze will get a Dragon Burger Trophy.

Kaitlin Rayna has made a video of her adventure with her friends playing the Dragon Maze 2020. If you haven't seen it yet then watch it now available on YouTube.




The meter will pick up where you left off as long as you log in to your LAST LOCATION.


You will have to wait until the walls move again and just walk/run forward. Don't try to teleport.


Everyone that makes it to the final level where the treasure mounds are, will be offered a Special Trophy provided by our very own Froggy's Diner. But you won't get a prize of you're not using a meter.


Yes, the maze will remain open for a couple of weeks after.

No teleporting.

No flying.

No deliberate detaching of the meter during the contest.

Author: By Pipa Novelli

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