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Earn Free Lindens with Fish Hunt

Fish Hunt was created by the creator Wili Clip and it is one of the best fishing games in Second Life. Hunters can earn free Linden dollars every day by fishing.

Hunters gain experience points and earn more Lindens as they fish. They can get shoulder pets called Shubies to aid them to increase fishing skills and gain potions.

Hunters can with withdraw 300 L$ every day from the ATM machine at Fish Hunt Headquarters. It will reset each day so you can withdraw another 300 L$ the next day. The best thing about Fish Hunt is the owners of the buoys can change the multipliers. The higher the multiplier the more experience and Lindens the hunters will earn.

The mutliplier at x1 is the default, but owners can change the multiplier to a higher setting of x2, x3, x4 up to x10. I have been to multipliers higher than x2 and it is possible with the best rods such as the Shark rod or the Magic rod that has a little fish on it, to gain more experience points and get more Lindens within 2 days of fishing. I was able to with draw 300 L$ within 2 days.

Hunters will need to use bait to be able to fish, you can of course use no bait, but it will take a very long time to be able to fish. It is recommended that hunters purchase bait from the bait barrels to reduce time on the fishing. There are four types of worms, these are Small, Tasty, Enchanted and Magic worms.

Hunters can also grow their own worms buy purchasing a worm farm and using biowaste, water and other materials you can gain from the Snuffle pets to grow worms for fishing bait.

To get started in Fish Hunt go to the following location and pick up a free fishing rod to get started.

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