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Earn Lindens with 7 Seas Fishing

7 Seas Fishing is one of the first fishing games in Second Life and it is still alive and kicking, despite new fishing games appearing in Second Life. Some sims especially Tiny sims still fish with 7 Seas and the official 7 Seas Fishing group continues to have fishing contests that anyone can join in to win Lindens

A lot of players love to fish with 7 Seas, because it can be quite fun to compete with others, to try to win either the Gold, Silver, or Bronze trophies and win the linden prizes set for the contests. If fishers do not win, then they can gain experience from fishing improving their winning odds for the next contests. The trophies are also a collector's item, some fishers love to display and show them off to others.

In 7 seas fishing fishers get physical objects drop into their inventory. The salvage collected can then be used with the blueprints to make some useful gadgets for fun.

One of the advantages of 7 Seas Fishing is it has an option for automatic fishing, whereas all the new fishing games are manual. So if you wish to go away from keyboard you can, but the disadvantage is you get a lot of unwanted salvage and it is most annoying that you will have to go through your inventory and end up deleting it all manually.

Contests are posted in the 7 Seas Social Chat group:


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