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Isle of Wyrms Marketplace and Christmas Market!

Hello there!!

Welcome to the Isle of Wyrms Marketplace!

Whether you are looking for information to set up, or just curious for future reference, hopefully this notecard will be able to help you!

We have walls for vendor boards, as well as booths for you to put out displays or example furniture, which ever you might need! We do ask that you keep the area clean, without a lot of items blocking the walkways, so if you need a booth for your items, don't hesitate to ask!

Here at the IoW Marketplace, the 'rent' to place your vendor boards is as simple as 5% of the proceeds from these boards. There is no flat monthly cost, which will help you save L$ if sales happen to be low, such as during summer months when more peoples, furries, scaled, and tiny, are offline and out enjoying the great weather!

The name of the avatar is IsleOfWyrmsOP (isleofwyrmsop), and the key is: 8b39d13c-d5ed-45f2-8afd-f462cb9afe7b You will need this information to put into the commission script when you set up your vendor items.

If you would like help setting up a basic prim as a vendor board, or script help with a pre-made vendor board, please feel free to ask for assistance. If I'm offline, please send a NC with your question(s) so SL doesn't eat the IM.

We're always looking for more merchants to sell items here! We look primarily for Tiny, Titchy, and Dinkie items and clothes, however petite or biggie items (such as furniture with lil'un poses or holdable items) are okay too!

If you have any questions, or would like to chat about availability, moving, or setting up, please do contact me, I'm often in IoW games area, or you can always drop a NC.

We all hope you enjoy working with us in your merchant endeavors!

To get a free stall at the Isle of Wryms Marketplace contact: Rejara Illani or to get a free stall at the Christmas market contact star (astarynite Resident).

Rejara Illani

IoW Marketplace Manager

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