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Let's make it a Tiny Invasion!!

LIam, Star and I are sending out dese invitations to many of our friends to Seth Regan's (known also as Mankind Tracer in SL) live accoustic Beatles Tribute Perfomance tomorrow Sunday night at 9pm SLT. Seth returned into SL this spring after a 4 year absence to focus on RL endeavors.   For several years in a row he won Best Live Performer in SL with his stunning vocals, his guitar and his many original and cover tunes from many artists. Dresi Legati our hostess for the show inviting us to dress either in Hippie wear or casual wear. Seth will be performing for 1 hour live again for us at:Biology Club Sunday September 6, 2020 at 9pm SLT Try to arrive early..  His live show performances get to full capacity very quickly. Invite your friends too !  Tinies and Biggies ! We hope you can join da Tiny Invaision for da Beatles tribute ! Purkle, Star & Liam Keep coming back to catch up on the live photos of the event.  New Piccys to follow. Author: Purkle, Star & Liam

Andrea Jones, Liam Metaluna, hammy mmorpgfan, PrincessPurkle

PrincessPurkle and star - Astarynite

Eliza Cabassoun

Major General Badger Halesuhtem

Dorry Doreen Garrigus and Stormy Dahlstrom

Purkle and Seth Regan Mankind Tracer

Tea Gupte and Akay Utu

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