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The Kaitlin Times Editor

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Kaitlin Rayna Aka Purkleberry Kait

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Wielo Bailey's The Tiny Times

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Murder on the MadPea Express Adventure Calendar 2019

Advent Calendar with a Murder Mystery! with prizes from top designers

December 1st - January 6th 2019

Each Day wear the Calendar Hud and click on the Drawer corresponding to the date.

You will receive:

A Slurl to a random location of our collaborators. Use the TP button and follow your Radar to find a Block from the location. You can inspect the Block by using your Arrow Keys or WASD.

A Clue to the Murder Mystery that will be offered to you as an inventory item. We recommend setting up a special folder for them in your inventory so you can go back and look at them later. The Murder Mystery story unravels on a daily basis giving you clues, evidence and surprises! You will be also collecting Achievements during this adventure.

Don’t worry if you miss a day: You can go back to click past days with this Calendar and the Prizes are available until January 7th. So even if you purchase the Calendar on January 6th, you’re able to get everything!

Once you have collected all the 24 Blocks, you will have what you need to solve a Puzzle to get to the end game!

Get your Detective hats on and grab your notebooks ready!

This Calendar contains a full original murder mystery story. A lot of reading in English is required if you wish to follow the story. It it also possible to only do the hunt for prizes part and skip the story. This adventure is suitable for all Peas, however some of our collaborators have adult stores, so please be prepared for that. The story might also contain some disturbing subjects that might not be suitable for the sensitive Peas.

Each day you are sent to a random location of our collaborators. You will find a wooden block that will contain their prize. Collect all the blocks and on Day 25 you are entering the main prize area to collect 24 more prizes!

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