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Kaitlin Rayna Aka Purkleberry Kait

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  • Kaitlin Rayna

Raglan Shire's Tiny Prim Charades 2020

How to Play.... Prim Charades!

First round, moderator picks a builder or someone volunteers =).

The builder chooses from levels:

Easy, Medium, Hard (you may specify "evil level hard)

When start is called builder builds, everyone else guesses.

Wild guesses are encouraged and add to the fun. Just keep them PG.

Your build must stay on the pad.

Plain prims or "apple" sculpty prims only.

Default or blank texture only.

Colour is good!

If you want to "sound out a word" make Two Green CC's which means "sounds like"... to sling together syllables or words, insert a pair of crossed prims to look like "+".

You cannot "spell out a word."

No scripts. No particles.

If you wish to point out something particular, make a Green pointed cylinder.

Ebils are really Ebil be sure you can build that level before you ask for one.

Correct guesser gets to build next or pass and elect someone to build for them.

Decision of Moderator is always final.

Have lots of fun!

Have fun!

Toady Nakamura

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