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Save the Date Saturday 23rd Bunneh's Art Walk at The IOW Museum

Save the Date Saturday 23rd Bunneh's Art Walk

Fri, Jan 22 2021 5:29:55 AM PST

Dear friends, we want to invite you to the Hollie Aluveaux exhibition "Bunneh's Art Walk"

This collection is a journey through all her art life up until present a long with some of her poetry from the last 3 years.

Save the date - Saturday 23rd from 11 am to 1 pm

Music by Mia Rose

Bios - Hollie


My art life started with doodling as a kid to doing sculptures and paintings as an adult. During my art degree i did art installations, my favorite one being at an astronomy institute and reusing all their old equipment. Was an amazing setting with the observatory in the background. After uni i painted here and there until i discovered wood burning. After playing with that technique i started selling them in rl. This collection is a journey through all of my art life up until present a long with some of my poetry from the last 3 years. So is a mix of different styles and influences.

Then i came to second life. I initially came here to learn to write poetry and found the Avilion Bards, where i did just that and more. I now have written and directed a play as well as art exhibitions and poetry. Second life has helped me do more creative things and push myself further, which has encouraged me slowly to take the next steps with them in real life too. I hope you enjoy this collection of work and the poetry.

I am greatly inspired by nature, you will see it running through a lot of my work. I also love the universe and often add details of space into my work. Symbology has found its way in too in more recent times, and the meanings behind symbols, as well as human emotions. I get a lot of inspiration from the spiritual and self help books i read too. I try to make work that encourages me to feel rather than think. As i believe emotions have a lot more power than we give them credit for and that in order to grow, i must first feel.

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