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Wanna Make A Deal, the Tiny Game Show 2020

Wanna Make A Deal is a very rare Tinies game show, that only appears every few years. This Tinies game show appeared again on Saturday 26 September 2020 and from the audience, six tinies were picked as contestants to participate by the Presenter (Pᴇᴀᴄʜᴇs™ Latrell-Kronos (Peaches Latrell).  The object of the game is to make a deal with the Presenter by choosing one out of the three doors.  Behind each of the doors is a prize to win or a booby prize.  The audience can pick up the game show hud and click on all the funny gestures to encourage the contestants.  The gestures are very funny with very funny voices when you click on for example Wootcase it has a funny voice saying pick the Wootcase, the Wootcase, the Wooooootcase... anyway pick one up and try it. The excitement of the game is when the Presenter and audience try to change the contestant's mind.  The Presenter will ask the contestant if they are sure this is the choice they want to make.  Some of the doors can lead to a second choice by choosing one of the three boxes or what is inside the Wootcase.  The audience also shouts out which choice they should pick.  The pressure is on for the contestant. This is round one, there is also round two.  Round two the Presenter reveals what all six contestants can win because each chair the contestants are sitting on reveals a prize or a booby prize. To be picked as a contestant participants need to click on the box at the back to enter before the Presenter picks out six random names.  The Presenters assistance (Apollo 'Bad Penny' Kronos (Apollo Kronos) in between games will walk around the audience asking for random objects from you inventory such as landmarks or objects that are round or the colour orange, the first contestant to give Apollo what he is asking for gets a chance to win 25 or 50 Linden Dollar prizes.  I was the fastest to giving Apollo something round when he asked for it, I gave him a round pillow.  I won 50 L$ and he announced in open chat I was the winner.  [13:41] Apollo 'Bad Penny' Kronos (Apollo Kronos): winner kaitlyn. The booby prize or the Zonk prize is great too, there are eight of these prizes to choose from.  The audience also gets to win a prize, because one of the doors revealed was an Everybody Wins.  This means everyone in the audience wins a prize. I was one of the lucky tinies who got picked to be a contestant to play.  I won a good prize in round one.  In round two I lost to a Zonk prize, but the Zonk prizes were great I had to choose one from the eight.  I chose the Zonk Radio it was a great booby prize I thought and a lot of my tiny friends thought the Zonk prizes were better than the main prizes. Keep an eye out for when the next game show will appear, they are very rare and only happen every few years.  I will post up the details when the next game show will be on and more Piccys to follow.  This year Zonk has a new friend Nelson the giraffe. Author: Kaitlin Rayna, The Editor of The Kaitlin Times =^_^=

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