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The Kaitlin Times Editor

Kaitlin Rayna Aka Purkleberry Kait

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How to earn Lindens with Gold Piggy

Want to earn an extra 25 L$?

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Have you got any News? if so then publish it with us at The Kaitlin Times and advertise it to the Second Life Community

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Paying Players to Subscribe on

You Tube Channel


Hi Everyone want to earn an extra 25 L$? for a limited time only.

I am going to pay Gold Piggy Hunters 25 L$ to subscribe to my YouTube Video.  To qualify for the payment.  Hunters need to do a few things before payment.

1.  Go to my You Tube Video:

2.  Click the thumbs up I like this button.

3.  Click on my name Kaitlin Rayna to Subscribe to the You Tube Video.

4.  Leave a good comment on the page below.

5.  Take a screen shot as evidence of your subscription, I like this and good comments on the page.

6.  Place the screenshots and your YouTube Username in the notecard along with your Second Life Username and then send it to me when I am online only.

If I am offline and you send me the notecard without me replying to you then I will NOT pay you, so please wait until you get the reply I am online first then send me the notecard.

7.  Wait for me to reply and review the evidence, once this all checks out I will pay you 25 L$ directly.

This will help promote Gold Piggy Hunt and players will earn extra Lindens Dollars.

Kaitlin Rayna
Gold Piggy Creator

Author: Kaitlin Rayna, The Editor of The Kaitlin Times =^_^=

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The Kaitlin Theatre

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Lost Flurbils

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Wielo Bailey's The Tiny Times

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“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

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